Atomic Dog Vapor French Vanilla Review

What is it?

Oooh, La La.
So sweet…so creamy.

C’est Si Bon!  (It’s So Good!)

What’s the VG/PG content?

Just like the rest of Atomic Dog Vapor’s e-liquids, they put together a 70/30 mixture. The ADV French Vanilla has a 70% vegetable glycerin.

What is it made of?

One good thing about Atomic Dog Vapor is the ingredients being used. They only utilize USA-made flavors using Natural & Art Flavoring, USP Propylene Glycol (PG), USP Vegetable Glycerine (VG), and USP Nic Select Nicotine.

Who is the company behind it?

The vaping company behind this amazing French Vanilla flavor is Atomic Dog Vapor aka ADV. The company name is a brilliant choice since its acronym equates to All Day Vape in vaping terms. I think it’s very witty of them. They have been in the vaping industry for quite some time now. I would say that their edge lies on creating hand-made vape juices for the market. Their main office is located in Erie, Pennsylvania, USA. Though a small-scale business, they carry with them promising products. At present, they have around forty to fifty flavors. Apart from their vape juice collection, ADV also offers other vape products. They carry mods, tanks, coils, batteries, devices, and the like. They even stock on eCigars/eCigarettes in their portfolio.

I had first known about ADV from a relative who got their ADV Fruity O’s flavor. I been hooked since then. I went online and purchased the French Vanilla since it is a favorite flavor of mine. Speaking of their website, it looks simple and the user interface is easy to use. The transaction I had with ADV was pretty fast and convenient. I think it’s better that they develop further their online presence to get more of the vape market share. With their juice flavors and its affordability, Atomic Dog Vapor is set to soar to new heights. They have this tag line saying They all taste great, or we wouldn’t make them. We care, and we know, you care. It’s not a cliche. With all the being said, the vaper in me is relieved that I have discovered them.

How much is it?

ADV French Vanilla is available in three sizes which means it also has three prices. The smallest sized bottle is at $3.99, and the next size costs $8.99. The largest size costs $14.99. All these prices are decently offered. Thumbs up to Atomic Dog Vapor!

How is it packaged?

Again, this e-juice has three sizes with a sample size, medium size, and largest size. The net content is a 10 ml, 30 ml, and 136 ml, respectively. I would suggest getting the sample size for the conservative ones who want to try out the flavor first. On the other hand, those who are adventurous enough can opt for the 30 ml option and the chain vapers, go straight to 136 ml. The bottle has a transparent food grade material with a dropper-type cap. It is also child-resistant making it generally safe to carry around especially with kids around. Its overall look and design are simple that looks like a typical e-liquid bottle. The label is printed on the sticker. From there, you can find the company logo, company name, flavor name, net content, and nicotine strength. Some bottles have ADV’s Facebook page also printed on the label.  The ADV French Vanilla is available in five nicotine strength level at 0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, and 24 mg.

How does it taste?

If you fancy dessert type flavors, then you will love this one for sure. It is decadently creamy. The sweetness is also mellowed down by its cream blend. That way, the sugary hits won’t be too harsh upon inhale. I like how the flavor is so rich despite its high VG content.

How is its vapor production performance?

TH is unbelievably smooth with their French Vanilla but wait till you experience its VP potential. It allows me to give out huge billows; ones that are thick and dense. Plus, the sweet and light aroma is very enticing as well. I reckon this flavor absolutely makes me high.

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