Hop Scotch E-liquid Review

Sometimes the best way to choose vape liquids online is to check the flavor’s description. This is a perfect example of an e liquid’s flavor that tastes exactly as it is advertised.


Toffee, vanilla, butterscotch custard is jam packed and loaded with flavor!


80vg/20pg – I expected thick, dense clouds and it did not fail me. So for cloud chasers, this type of consistency is a must try!


  • Natural & Art Flavoring
  • USP Propylene Glycol
  • USP Vegetable Glycerine
  • USP NicSelect Nicotine

Manufacturing Company

Hop Scotch e-liquid is one of the ten flavors from the Humble Eliquid collection. It is one of their top three hot selling variants. The company which produces this line is Humble Juice Co. They have originated in Los Angeles, California and have been operating there up to the present.  Humble produces the best vape juice made to the utmost standards of quality. The company only utilizes the best ingredients and attempts to use lesser artificial flavorings. It doesn’t stop there. They see to it that they have affordable pricing without sacrificing quality. They provide free shipping on all orders above $19.99 equating to free shipping, as most of their products are priced higher. Each e-juice is also well thought of. Based on their website, they have a diverse collection in terms of flavor. Speaking of the site, the whole experience was a breeze. I had no issues navigating through; the system was easy to use. One thing I’d like to point out is how incredibly fast they deliver. I got my order within three days time frame.


I checked online and saw that the Humble Eliquid bottles are all available for only $24.99. This is their mid-priced option apart from the Havoc and Hustle line.


This flavor is bottled in one size only. It’s available in 120 ml. The juice comes in a clear plastic bottle with a sticker label.  The label print has the Humble logo and flavor name etched on it. The look is very simple and straightforward. I like how clean it is; no catchy colors dominating or any big caricatures on it. It is plain and simple but still striking.

Flavor and Taste

Hop Scotch is flavorful and tasty. Although very light and airy, it has a lot of flavor to it. It is not overly sweet given that it is butterscotch based. It doesn’t have an aftertaste either. You can identify precisely the butterscotch; it is very present. Then, the caramel or custard undertone combines nicely.  It is very rich due to the smooth creamy exhale. What’s more is the smudge of subtle nuttiness towards the finish. In my honest opinion, this is one of the best flavors from Humble. It suits me just right. I prefer 3 mg nicotine strength; it has a nice kick to the throat. I got the 6 mg and I thought it was a little throaty for me. All the flavors fused together in this vape juice go well together. From the toffee, butterscotch, custard, to the vanilla goodness, everything is fantastic. While I do not consider this as an all-day vape, it is the perfect choice to break up my usual fruity rotation.

Vapor Production

While the taste is more on the sweetness of the butterscotch, the scent is more buttery. It says on the label that it has been pre-steeped for two weeks or longer so that’s the reason why the scent is not too strong. I actually steeped mine for additional two days and found the result to be better. I was able to capture the custard scent; a bit light and rich to my senses. I tried firing it at 50-60W and got dense clouds. I love using this for cloud chasing bouts. The vapor production is very manageable and easy to create billows for me to enjoy. Hop Scotch is also very easy on the coils. It does not gunk up my builds easily. I have been using it for the past three days now and haven’t felt the need to re-do my coils for clean-up. With all these said, I think this e-juice is a great deal.

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