Yocan Uni Pro Mod Review

The Uni Pro mod is a classic device that is ideal for vaping concentrate oils. IT has a catchy futuristic design. The Uni Pro vaporizer is portable and is 2 inches and about 7 centimeters in size. This vaping system is ideal for carrying around and can also be stored comfortably on the pocket without weight it down. Like other vaping systems in the Yocan collection, the Uni Pro mod is available in different colors such as Black, Blue, Red, and Silver.

The Uni Pro mod by Yocan is available for sale at the Atomic Dog Vapor online shop for $21.99.

The Uni Pro vaping system features an OLED screen. You can observe the battery levels and regulate the temperate via the screen. And the Uni Pro comes with a single button that can be used to put it on and off. To turn this Yocan device on, you have to press the button twice and twice to put it off. The Uni Pro vaporizer comes with a pre-heat feature that makes vaping easy.

The Yocan Uni Pro vape device comes has three temperature setting options. The higher temperature settings are ideal for vaping cannabis-based oils since it helps in releasing the therapeutic effects. The lower settings are also ideal for vaping cannabis-based oils. The temperature settings can be regulated just above the power button of the Yocan device. You can switch between temperature settings by pressing the button of the Uni Pro vape device three times in a row.

Yocan’s Uni Pro mod has a 650mAh battery is long-lasting. This vape device can be charged via a micro USB cable.

The Uni Pro mod is famous for its ability to fit any 510 concentrate oil cartridge. You can fit the cartridge into the 510-threaded ring prior to fitting it in the Uni Pro mod. A click sound will be made when the magnetic connection is made.

You can buy replacement vaping cartridges specifically designed to be used with legally derived plant vape oils. Refilling the tank is easy; all you have to do is unscrew the mouthpiece and fill. After filling, replace the mouth mouthpiece and wait for 5 minutes for the oil to get fully saturated with the cotton. It is best practice to wait for the oil to soak the cotton, especially when using a new tank.

The replacement vaping cartridges are available in different two different sizes: 0.5ml capacity (Black mouthpiece) and 10ml capacity (White mouthpiece).

These cartridges are not compatible to be vaped with vape juice blends containing Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG).

You can purchase these 510 threaded replacement cartridges for the Yocan Uni Pro for just $4.49 via the Atomic Dog Vapor online shop. This vape store has a huge collection of different vaping products, including tanks, vaping cartridges, mods, e-liquids, and more.