Silicone & Glass Water Pipe with Percolator by Atomic Dog Vapor Review

Silicone & Glass Water Pipe is one of the most sought-after products of this kind in the Atomic Dog Vapor range. It has a silicone and glass combo design. The silicone parts have a multi-colored design. The middle part of the body is equipped with a clear glass pipe with a built-in eight-arm percolator. It features a clear glass bowl and downstem. This glass water pipe is 14 inches in height. It can be easily cleaned. The device can be dismantled into 5 separate pieces for easy storage, transport, and cleaning. It is available in 2 varied color schemes – Orange/Blue and Camo.

The silicone used for the construction of this pipe is of food grade and meets the safety level above the FDA approved one. The percolator makes the smoke to pass through the chamber multiple times to cool down the smoke before inhaling. The silicon body is flexible and the glass percolator connected with the silicon body pops in and out easily for fast filling and cleaning without a leak. If you have a history of breaking glass water pipe frequently by dropping, this silicone and glass combination pipe is the best alternative. The glass design on the middle portion helps you to see the volume of smoke and water.

A silicon water pipe is perfect, but a combination of silicon and glass water pipe is even better. This device with percolator offers you the best flavor from the smoke and smooth hit. It is portable and can carry where ever you go. The silicon used for the construction of this device is BPA-free. Silicon can survive the heat and this nontoxic polymer is mostly made from silica. Silicone & Glass Water Pipe w/ Percolator works well with all types of herbs and tobacco. This pipe is affordable than glass pipe and it is durable. Do proper cleaning after each use to improve the airflow. Enhanced airflow provides better smoke. It has an efficient base design which prevents the water pipe from being knocked off.

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