Naked 100 Menthol Strawberry POM E-juice Review

In the world of e-liquids, the Naked 100 vape juice brand is one of the best. This vape juice has a reputation for producing high-quality e-liquids. Naked 100 has e-liquids of different flavors produced with high-quality ingredients. Although there are many vape juice blends in the Naked 100 collection, Menthol Strawberry POM is one of the best. Menthol Strawberry POM is formerly called Brain Freeze. This e-juice offers a blend of fruit and menthol flavors. This e-liquid is the right kind of gift to give your friends and family who enjoy fruit and menthol blends.

Menthol Strawberry POM is a mix of ripe strawberries, chilled kiwis, pomegranates, and menthol. These flavors are of top-notch quality and are well blended—none of the flavors in this e-juice taste organic. You can vape Menthol Strawberry POM all day long and not once get bored of the flavor. When you inhale, it is the taste of the ripe strawberries and kiwis that first hits you. And when you exhale, you get a blast of chilly menthol. Menthol Strawberry POM has a pleasant and long-lasting aftertaste. This vape juice is the type that is best suited for the summer season. The tropical taste of the berries, kiwis, and menthol are well blended.

Menthol Strawberry POM by Naked 100 vape juice contains 70 percent Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and 30 percent Propylene Glycol (PG). This e-cig juice works with a sub-ohm tank or using a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA). This e-juice does not stain your coils quickly and produces huge clouds of vapor with every hit.

Naked 100 Menthol Strawberry POM contains premium nicotine in different concentration levels 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg. This e-liquid has a smooth flowing throat hit that does not leave any unpleasant aftertaste.

Menthol Strawberry POM by Naked 100 is sold in excellently designed 60ml bottles. This vape juice is available for sale at the Ejuice Deals online shop for $11.99. A bottle of this e-juice is typically sold for $24.99, however, Ejuice Deals offer great prices.

Menthol Strawberry POM is not the only vape juice flavors in the Naked 100 series. Examples of these flavors are Tobacco Cuban, Menthol Berry, Cream Azul Berries, Menthol Apple, Cream Pineapple Berry, Fusion Lemon, Fusion Straw Lime, Cream Banana, Ice Mango, Melon Kiwi, Really Berry, Mango, Hawaiian POG, All Melon, Ice Hawaiian POG, NKD Salt Amazing Mango, Salt Green Blast, Salt Hawaiian POG, American Patriots Salt, and many others.

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