Halo Mystic Menthol Eliquid Review

Hear this out menthol lovers. Today, I am going to review about Halo Mystic Menthol. But before that, read what its company has to say about this flavor.

“A crisp, clean menthol taste that is neither too subtle nor overpowering. This e-liquid is perfect for vaping on its own or for mixing with other flavors. Mystic is one flavour that will become an instant staple for even the most hardcore vapers.”

I have to admit that this bottle is filled with surprises. Prepare for an aggressive and explosive menthol taste even on your first puff. This is basically true to its flavor profile — expect pure menthol and nothing else. Taste wise, this will definitely delight menthol lovers like me. I like to mix this with other ejuices especially those that I think deserve some minty twists, like fruits and candies.

As for the throat hit, it can be a bit disappointing for solid menthol lovers. It is not as strong as I expected when vaped alone. But thanks to the menthol, the throat hit is cool and refreshing enough to me. But in case you plan to mix this with other vape juices, just like I mentioned earlier, this can somehow enhance the throat hit of that flavor. I have to agree when one reviewer said that when it comes to vaping menthol world, Halo Mystic Menthol is simply one of the best there is. (Read it here.)

In terms of vape quality, Halo is known to have an excellent one, and Mystic Menthol thankfully did not disappoint. Both the vapor and throat hit were nice. As for the clouds, they are huge and dense, and they do not disappear immediately. I love the refreshing scent it leaves in the room. Mystic Menthol has Halo’s standard vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol ratio. Halo opts to keep its ratio a secret to prevent direct competitors from copying. So far, its standards have never failed me so I don’t really give a fuss.

There are three nicotine strengths available for Mystic Menthol. It comes in 3 mg, 6 mg, and 12 mg of nicotine. As I said, the throat hit can be weaker than you’d expect but the strong menthol flavor somehow compensates. There is no clear cut answer as to what nicotine level you should start vaping with. However, if you are planning to mix this with other vape juices, might as well pick the lowest one unless of course your ejuice of choice has no nicotine.

For newbies, make sure you take into consideration the taste, throat hit, and usage when picking the right nicotine level for you. These factors play huge roles. For instance, a vape juice with a high nicotine content can have a harsher taste. Also, a lower nicotine level has a smoother hit, allowing you to enjoy the flavor better. In terms of usage, if you plan to use it the entire day, the lower level is advised. But if you vape sparingly, a higher nicotine level is ok.

Just like the rest of its ejuices, Mystic Menthol comes in Halo’s signature dark blue-tinted bottle to protect the ejuice against UV rays. Its box has an edgy vibe and color coding scheme that will allow its regular customers to easily pick and identify the flavor even without reading. Wrapped around the bottle is a label with relevant product information such as the brand name, flavor name, nicotine level, the usual warnings, and size.

So again, if you are hunting for a strong cool blast of plain menthol, then you should go for Halo Mystic Menthol. Clouds are nice and huge. You can vape this alone if you are really an avid menthol lover, or you can mix this with other flavors to give them some menthol kick. (this is the best vape juice there is)

Halo Mystic Menthol is available at New Zealand Ecigstore for as low as NZD $31.50 only. Welcome the New Year with a minty blast and buy your own 30-mL bottle now while it lasts. Halo is a premium eliquid maker that offers different vape juice flavors. Vape juices available online includes Kringle’s Curse, Tribeca, and Twisted Turnover.


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