Eleaf iCare Kit Review

Eleaf has brought another member to the nano vape family – the iCare Mini Kit. This is something every beginner should consider trying. If you ever thought that vaping is complicated, then you should check this out.

The iCare kit is a compact and very handy starter kit, measuring only 30 mm by 14 mm by 75 mm. It is so light and tiny that you would not even feel it is there. How small you ask? Well, it stands smaller when compared side by side with a 30-ml e-liquid bottle – that small! Its size is a perfect fit in your hand or small pockets as well.

Despite its size, this classic automatic style device has smooth and rounded edges to boast of. It looks clean and sturdy. It comes with an airflow controller, although you need to remove the mouthpiece first and remove the screw of the chimney to adjust.

The mod features an Eleaf IC 1.1 ohm atomizer heads, with a built-in tank capacity of 1.8 ml. Its battery life is quite short though, powered with only one 650 mAh battery. This can only last up to at least 4 hours of heavy vaping – quite fast but still good enough. Also, if you have no idea about this, a 650 mAh battery gives about 400 puffs. The battery can be charged via a micro USB port that is located at the base part of the mod. You can use your laptop to charge. The mod has colored lights to tell you how much power remains in the battery as well.

The Eleaf iCare mod has a resistance range of between 1 and 3.5 ohms. This user-friendly device is a perfect vaporizer for newbies, without the need for flicking switches. In fact, you do not need to press any button. If you want to use it, just take a draw and it will immediately activate and produce a maximum power output of 15 watts. This responsive mod is definitely excellent for stealth vaping.

While you can take this device just anywhere and anytime you want to go, the mod can be a bit noisy. It crackles and makes a bit of racket when you use it to take a drag. However, this usually disappears after breaking the coil in. I think this is one aspect Eleaf should consider to improve.

Even with a small coil head, the Eleaf iCare can produce a good vapor volume. It can also wick well even if the holes are tiny. The holes were designed in an alternating up and down position to make sure that both the top and bottom areas are well saturated.

For big cloud lovers, this Eleaf iCare unit may not suffice your wants. It is not a cloud device, but it can give off a pretty good amount of vapor. Its draw is tight and spot on for mouth to lung vapers. For a fairly simple device, expect that this can only cater for your basic needs. There are no alarms or even OLED screen display. It only has a window along one side to give you an overview of how much e-liquid is left. This is definitely an old fashion.

This mod surely is a perfect alternative to cigarettes without stress. But to help you all the more with the transition, you should try for yourself the tobacco e-liquid made by Black Note. It brings out bold notes of premium tobacco flavor and minor notes of aroma and flavor. Dubbed as one of the best quality e-liquids in the market, Black Note has six unique blends, namely, Forte, Legato, Prelude, Quartet, Solo and Sonata, to offer to its customers. All these are readily available at NZ Ecig Store for only NZD $37.99 (30 ml). All flavors come in 50VG/50 PG ratio and in different nicotine strength levels as well.

Of note, the company also made a recommendation of the e-juice strength when using the Eleaf iCare kit. If you prefer a heavy hit and are used to getting that from lower values of nicotine, emulate that strength by picking more nicotine.

You can grab this all-in-one, compact kit for as low as NZD $16.99 at www.nzecigstore.co.nz. Included in the box are an iCare mod, two IC 1.1 ohm coils, a user manual, and a USB cord. Colors available are black, white, cyan, red, and gold.

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