Cheap eJuice Peach eLiquid Review

Peaches are one of my favorite fruits. They are a characteristically fuzzy fruit native to northwest China. Its discovery has a very long history, but what I know for sure is that it is a favored fruit of kings and emperors. In vape form, peaches have its own natural sweetness that allows you to enjoy a rich indulgent fruit flavor. In my quest to find a good peach-flavored ejuice, I bumped into this Peach eliquid by Cheap E-Juices.

“Peach by Cheap eJuice is a peach flavored e-juice with freshly sliced peaches and apples making this all day vape perfect for the upcoming summer.”

Once you open the bottle, the smell of peaches with some notes of apples lingers in the air. It feels like you are in an orchard filled with these fresh fruits. If we do a taste test, the flavor is basically as good as it smells. Notes of both peaches and apples are present.

Although summer may be far off on thecalendar, this eliquid actually fits any season. It tastes like a fresh fruit picked right off the tree and turned into this peachy good eliquid. Fruit flavor fanatics surely can’t just get over this blend.

On the inhale, you will notice the sweet blend of peaches that smoothly runs through your mouth and throat. And then on the way out, some notes of apple start to appear and mix up, making it more delicious. The flavor is rich and very delicious. The taste actually reminds me of a Peach Apple Punch we once made when we went outing with my friends. It is so refreshing especially on a hot or tropical weather.

So, as aforementioned, this Peach flavored vape juice runs smoothly on the throat and gives a refreshing feel. This does not leave your mouth feeling dry, and there is no any weird chemical-like aftertaste that follows. The flavor is tantalizing to your taste buds, making this a perfect all-day vape.

The sweetness coming out from this vape tastes natural like I said earlier. It is not irritating on the throat and does not give that gag-like feeling. I have tried other fruit based eliquids that seem to use Splenda type artificial sweeteners, and boy let me tell you, I threw them all away.

The Peach eliquid by Cheap E-Juice’s Fruit Flavors collection contains 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol. The consistency of the eliquid is thick, not too runny or sticky. This is a pretty clean vape, and it does not gunk up your coil or atomizers. It is also perfect for both dripping and tank use. As for the clouds, this produces humongous and dense ones. The clouds tend to linger in the air for a time, and you get to enjoy the oh-so good smell from it as well.

This blend comes in two nicotine strength levels – 3 mg and 6 mg. If you are new to vaping and you have no idea what level to start at, I recommend that you go for the lowest strength first. Then, gradually increase if you find the first one insufficient. The 3 mg of nicotine version is usually used by drippers with rebuildable atomizers like RDAs or RBAs. While the 6 mg is usually a good stepping stone for current moderate or light vapers.

This Cheap E-Juice eliquid comes in chubby gorilla bottles with a child-resistant cap. The bottle is not only convenient but also practical. You can easily squeeze out the ejuice mess-free, and the cap is an added safety feature for kids’ safety. The label displayed gives you a summarized information of what you need to know about the ejuice including flavor name, size content, warning signs, and nicotine strength.

For most people, no matter how good the vape juice is, price is always a big consideration. But I bet this you won’t have even some second thoughts on the Peach eliquid price tag. Well, you can actually get your own 120-mL bottle for as low as $12.99 only at Personally, this is one of the most worth it deals I have taken.

Overall, the Peach eliquid by Cheap E-Juice is a definite must try. It has its own unique taste and characteristics that will make it stand out from other peach-infused vape juices. One more thing, such excellent flavor is definitely worth your wicks and firing those coils. Shop online to get the best eliquid deals.



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