Aspire Cleito Tank Review

The Cleito is a well-designed and user-friendly Sub-ohm tank. It is the best tank for vapers whether new or experienced and it comes with a fair price.

What comes in the package?

The package is a neat elongated plastic case with a  foam box inside. It contains a spare Pyrex tube, a spare 0.2 ohm coil (alongside the 0.4 ohm one that comes pre-installed), a collection of four rubber cuffs in various colors for the top cap and a “vape band” with Aspire branding. It also comes with a wide-bore Delrin drip tip attached. Overall, it’s a good offering.

The Design

The most useful design feature that this Aspire Cleito has to offer is the top-filling tank. You will have access to the atomizer head and Pyrex tube right away after removing the Cleito’s top cap when refilling. Thus, there is no need to set the tip of your e-juice dripper cap at a different angle. Unlike most top-filling sub-ohm tanks, you can fill up your tank accurately and without much effort or spill on the central portion. The top cap has a series of shallow ridges cut out of the edge to make it easier to unscrew and tighten. The Pyrex tube attaches firmly to the top section of the atomizer, and the bottom is held in place with a thick O-ring. This maybe an old-fashioned design but the connection is solid and takes a bit of effort to detach the tube.

It has 22mm diameter and measures 58mm from top to bottom, and has a 3.5ml e-juice capacity, similar to other Sub-ohm tanks on the market. The size of the tank is relatively small but if you are a person who likes to change e-juice flavors regularly, then this one is ideal for you. Overall, Cleito produced a good and functional design.

Vapor Production and Flavor

The open airflow, cotton-wicked coils and sub-ohm nature of the Cleito means it does excellently when it comes to vapor production. The flavor produced is clean and superb when it comes to taste. The coils in the Cleito are actually Clapton-style, which likely have a big role to play in the great flavor and vapor production from the tank. The vapor production and flavor are consistent, and it works well even when there isn’t much e-juice in the tank.


Cleito offers the ease of refilling with its Top-Filling design. Great device for new vapers. Changing coils is simple too as the atomizer and chimney section are accessable when you open the top cap. Though, this is not a big issue, the only thing I didn’t like about this is the need to empty the tank to change your coil. Cleito really does a great job on giving you the best when it comes to tank. It has simplicity yet functional performance.

Manufacturing Quality

The Aspire Cleito makes use of high-quality materials to create this user friendly sub-ohm device. It has a stainless steel body, Delrin drip tip, and Pyrex tank and coils.The airflow control ring is sturdy without being too difficult to use when adjusting. This excellently made sub-ohm tank is available at Vape Supply Club for a fair price. You may also check out their flavorful e-juices.


  • Top-filling design
  • High-quality materials: Delrin drip tip and Pyrex tank. With extra Pyrex tube included
  • Great performance on maximizing your vaping experience with rich flavor
  • Excellent airflow control, especially for lung-hitters
  • Reasonable price
  • Sleek appearance



The Aspire Cleito is a straightforward sub-ohm tank which performs well, balancing user-friendliness with stand-out flavor and substantial vapor production. For vapers just getting into higher-quality devices, it’s hard to beat this model thanks to the simplicity, Even long-time vapers will be blown away by the performance. There’s also a rebuildable atomizer head coming out soon, which will undoubtedly improve the offering even more for dedicated vapers. The downsides are generally only minor issues, with things like the inability to change coils with juice in your tank being slightly irritating but easy to work around. For the price, the Cleito is a fantastic sub ohm tank that’s hard to beat.

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