Wispr Vaporizer Review

Let me start this Wispr Vaporizer review by saying that, by far, this is the most stylish and fashionable portable vaporizer I have tried.

The moment I laid eyes on it, I couldn’t believe that this is a vaporizer. I’m sure that non-smokers or vaporizer users won’t notice as well and that’s what makes it sleek.

At plain sight, I can already tell that a lot of care and attention was given to the design. But of course, the performance is another thing that truly matters to me. So, lets get on with this review.

Wispr Vaporizer

The Wispr Vaporizer is a butane-powered portable vaporizer from Oglesby & Butler, a well-known manufacturer in the world of vaporizers. The Wispr Vaporizer is often compared to its predecessor, the Iolite Original but the manufacturers are saying that the Iolite Wispr is a much more improved version.

Whats new in the Wispr Vaporizer? Well, aside from the unique design, Oglesby & Butler did a rework on the technology of the Iolite Original. This includes the bigger butane reservoir, the foldable mouthpiece and the butane indicator window (see-through).

Whats in the box?


As I mentioned earlier, when I saw the Wispr Vaporizer, I couldn’t really believe that it was a portable vaporizer because of the design. Although I’m quite familiar with the Iolite Original, the looks enticed me to try it out.

The portable vaporizer looks like a small walkie-talkie, where the mouthpiece serves as the antennae. The radio itself is square in shape, so it’s not shaped ergonomically. To be honest, the shape makes the vaporizer bulky, but this is a very small concern. The cool and retro overall design surely makes up for the bulky part.

Further, the Wispr Vaporizer can easily stand on its own. It has six flat surfaces. It also comes in six cool colors. It’s a trendy portable vaporizer for the fashion conscious out there (not that I am).


The Iolite Original and the Iolite Wispr are both butane-powered. However, with the Wispr, you can monitor the butane through a see-through glass window. This feature comes in very handy as vaporizer users can prevent running out of butane when vaping.

Using the Wisp Portable Vaporizer is simple. First, remove the mouthpiece and you’ll see the load chamber. The bigger load chamber can last for three vaping sessions. Second, load it up and close the chamber. Third, turn Wispr on using the on/off switch; wait for the light to turn orange. Last, when the light is orange, click the button again and it will start heating your load and creating vapor.

The Wisp Portable Vaporizer is such a breeze to use and whats more impressive is the fast heating time. As soon as I loaded it up and turned it on, I was already puffing after 30 seconds. That’s a fast heating time for a portable vaporizer.

Using the Wispr

The Iolite Wispr is my third portable vaporizer, and I’ve been using a different technique for each one. Yes, there are different ways to get the best puffs from these things. What I observed with the Wispr is that I had to fill 1/3 of the chamber to get the best results when it comes to smoking efficiency.

Moreover, I observed that Wispr produces thick vapor, which is always good for portable vaporizers. To add, I didn’t have to use any special drawing technique to get the thick vapor. I think that the Wispr may be operating at a higher temperature but not hot enough for combustion.


Lets do a rundown of the things I like about the Wispr Portable Vaporizer:

  • Fashionable Design: Just look at it and you’ll understand the fuss about its looks.
  • Fast Heating Time: For a portable vaporizer, a heating time of 30 seconds or less is very impressive. This comes in very handy when you need to make a quick puff and you just cant wait.
  • Bigger Chamber: The Wispr features a larger chamber that can store more load enough for three sessions. Plus, refilling the chamber is very easy.
  • Foldable Mouthpiece: No, its not flimsy and it doesn’t break easily.

The Cons

  • Hissing Sound: I find it uncomfortable to hear this hissing sound when the Wispr starts heating up.
  • Butane Refill: One refill can last up to three hours and if you’re a heavy vape smoker, you’ll be inconvenienced with the frequent refilling.
  • Lack of Temperature Control: Nuff said.

My review of the Iolite Wispr

I have no regrets buying the Wispr Portable Vaporizer. I believe that the benefits certainly outweighs my complaints and possible complaints from other users. Just like any product, a few improvements here and there will always be good. But with the product now, you’re getting bang for your buck.

I like the butane indicator window, it makes me prepare ahead. I also like the bigger chamber to hold more load. But what I like most are the thick vapor and quick heating time. When I’m outside home, I just want to puff without waiting for minutes. Thanks to Wispr, I can get my instant fix. And of course, I highly commend Oglesby & Butler for the ingenious design of the Wispr. Its great for stealth and for showing off.

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