Vaporesso Swag Mod Review

The Vaporesso Swag is such a big threat to most of the vape mod kits and devices out there. This is simply because of the value it offers to most vapers. It snuggles into the palm with its dimensions and weight. The Swag also features a different design aesthetic with the inclusion of an IML (in-mold label) face-plate that adds to its durable and easily gripped facade.

What’s the technical marvel that puts the Vaporesso Swag above the competition? The Omni 2.0 circuit board that lets the user charge the mod faster with its 2A charging capability displays precise and multiple readings. It has numerous smart features that allow users to program their most important vaping settings.


The packaging includes:

• 1 × SWAG Mod

• 1 × USB Charging cable

• 1 × User Guide

• 1 × Warranty Card

Quality of the Swag Mod

The manufacturing quality of the Swag mod is good. You would typically associate mini mods with large sacrifices in other areas like power and performance, but you don’t have to compromise all that much with this.

To appreciate how small this is, just look at the battery cap. This is smaller than a 18650, so they had to include a cap that sits above the base to hold the battery inside. This is far from the first vape to have this in the design, but it’s still a good illustration of the size.

The chip in this is their Omni Board 2.0. This probably won’t mean anything to most people, but it translates to a surprisingly versatile mod. This has wattage, temperature control, TC, and bypass heating modes, as well as smart battery charging and even a clock.

The Swag supports a single high amperage 18650 battery accessed through the top battery cap and can be charged via USB up to 2.5V with a quick charge. Paired with the Swag 80W TC is the 22mm diameter NRG SE sub-ohm tank, a simple and effective platform that utilizes the affordable and highly efficient Vaporesso GT Core coil structure.


To turn on the device, click the firing button five times. If there is no atomizer attached, the OLED screen will display a “change atomizer.” This will connect the NRG SE to the tank, and the smart mode on the mod will automatically adjust the wattage to the attached tank, just like with the Revenger and the Tarot.

The Vaporesso Swag features temperature control, variable wattage control, and TCR mode. It also features a technology that is fast becoming a new standard for box mods. The Vaporesso Swag makes use of both CCW and CCT modes (custom curved wattage and custom curved temperature, respectively).

These options let users designate the power and temperature they want their vape to begin and end with each session. It also enables vapers to decide how long they want the mod to vape at either their preferred temperature or wattage. Get the Swag from the original manufacturer, Vaporesso at $38.90. Vaporesso has been in the vape industry for over a decade and they have different products to satisfy any vape needs.