Vaping Techniques 101: What You Should Know

In case you are one of the millions of smokers seeking to quit, chances are you have found vaping a viable alternative. Vaping, however, can sound intimidating and complicated. It is important to understand the vaping Dos and Don’ts and the fundamentals as a beginner.

Seeing what the marketplace has to offer is easy. As for vaping, mastering the “how do I vape?” “Is just as important as” what device is going to work best for me? “In other words, before making the first order, you will grasp the two basic forms of vaping.

Mouth to Lung (MTL) Vaping

mouth-to-lung vaping (MTL) refers to inhaling the vapor into your mouth and allowing it to remain in your mouth for a while before inhaling it. Take a pull on your vape system to vaporize your mouth, hold it in your mouth and then inhale it into your lungs before exhaling.

Owing to its resemblance to smoking cigarettes, MTL is the perfect vaping method for most modern vapors. Some longtime vapers also prefer this method because early e-cigarettes’ technical limitations only required them to vape MTL, and they got used to it.

Which devices should I use for MTL vaping?

For MTL, vapor devices that have tanks using high ohms coils (1.0 and above) are the best. It is because they keep the vape at the correct temperature to give them a good flavor. For sub-ohm tools, you can use MTL, but the vape can get uncomfortably hot and the development of flavors can diminish.

The MTL devices have tiny coils made of artificial fibers. And they do not need wicking manually. Such devices are better run on low wattages, 15-20 watts ideally. Using a 1.2 ohms or higher coil means you can appreciate MTL.


As the name suggests, inhalation direct-to-lung is all about inhaling the vapor directly into the lungs. It is the same as we do when we take a normal breath. DTL vaping may be counter-intuitive for the recent ex-smoker if they attempt to mimic the feeling of smoking cigarettes. If you are one of those people, maybe your best bet is to avoid direct-to-lung vaping until you become more comfortable with vaping.

Unlike MTL, it can get pretty serious from direct to lungs. The furthest thing from having a smooth experience could be a throat blow, depending on the nicotine content in the vape juice. Remember when you smoked your first cigarette, and almost coughed a lung up. You became less prone to it after a while and were able to comfortably smoke. It is the same case, with vaping.

Assuming that you are ready to adjust. Apart from a sharper hit (which will get smoother with time), do not expect too much from the department of flavor. It does not mean that the taste is going to be diluted or negative, but just not strong enough.

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