The Different Categories of E-Juice Flavors

There is a wide array of e-liquid flavors on the market. This is one of the reasons why vaping is fun. Hundreds, if not thousands of e-juice flavors are made each year. Considering the vast amount of e-juice flavors on the market, it is almost certain that there is something for every vaper. It is also for this reason that it can be difficult to pick an e-liquid to vape.

It’s essential to go for an e-liquid with the flavor of a food or beverage that you like. Also, check out reviews to find out what others have to say about an e-liquid you are planning to buy. The e-liquid you choose can affect your overall vaping experience.

Generally, there are six main e-liquid categories; Tobacco, Dessert, Fruity, Candy, Beverage, and Other Foods. 

Criteria for Choosing a Very Good E-liquid

If you’re an e-juice flavor that is satisfying, then it’s necessary to take the following into consideration.

  • Personal opinion – Many people may like a certain e-liquid flavor, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to enjoy it too. Taste is subjective. What you like may necessarily not be another person’s cup of tea. Nonetheless, if there are many positive reviews about an e-liquid, the greater the chances that it is good.
  • The Brand – Popular e-juice manufacturers tend to do produce high-quality vape juices in a bid to widen their popularity and their market share.

One way of finding some of the best e-juice flavors is to participate in vape forums and check out reviews at sites such as

Type of E-Juice Flavors                                                                   

As mentioned above, there are six main categories of e-juice flavors.

  • Tobacco – You’ll find a variety of tobacco e-liquids on the market – from light tobacco to menthol tobacco and more. You will also find exotic tobacco e-liquids like Cuban tobacco or Cavendish Virginia tobacco, etc. With e-liquids tobaccos can also be mixed with different flavoring such as fruity-tobacco, menthol-tobacco, candy-tobacco, etc.
  • Dessert – This category is made up of just about anything that can be regarded as dessert. Some examples of dessert e-liquids are cheesecake, apple pie, etc. Dessert e-liquids are best enjoyed after a nice meal, or just as you enjoy cakes in the evening while watching TV with a cup of coffee on the side. Dessert e-liquids will also appeal to those that have a sweet tooth.
  • Fruity – Among all the different types of e-juice flavors, fruity are the most popular. There are e-liquids with a single fruit flavor as well as cocktail blends. There are also fruity e-juice with menthol flavor which adds a nice cooling sensation.
  • Candy – Next to fruity vapes, candy e-liquids are perhaps the most popular. You’ll find e-liquids with the flavor of all your favorite candies. For example, there are e-liquids with the flavor of fruity gummy bear, skittles, laffy taffy candy and more. Candy e-liquids will appeal to vapers who have a sweet tooth.
  • Beverage – You’ll find e-liquids with the flavor of popular beverages. The most common are fruit punch, lemonade, cocktails. Beverage e-liquids are great to vape on hot summer days, especially when they come with menthol flavor.
  • Other Foods – In this category, you’ll find various dishes and popular snacks such as shrimps, yogurt, and more.

Some e-juice flavors may fall under two or more categories. Whatever the e-juice flavor you prefer, you need to get something that is made of high-quality to enjoy the flavor to the fullest.

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