The Best CBD Vape E-Liquid to Choose

There is a rising demand for CBD vape e-liquids as more people turn to vaping cannabidiol to get the health benefits associated with it. CBD e-liquids are derived from industrial hemp and won’t get you high. Nonetheless, CBD e-liquids have different levels of cannabidiol. And if you vape an e-liquid with a high concentration of CBD, you are going to feel the effects more than if you vape a blend with a lower level of CBD. One of the main effects of CBD is that it makes you calm. This is why it is recommended for those with anxiety. CBD for vaping is available as an e-liquid and a concentrate. Let us look at some of the different CBD vape brands and the Hawaii Vape Shops where you can find them.


Koi CBD is one of the biggest names in the market for CBD vape e-liquids. Unlike other CBD e-liquids, Koi CBD blends do not have that characteristic harsh CBD taste. Instead, they are very flavorful. Koi’s CBD blends are available with different delicious flavors including vanilla custard, strawberry cream, blue raspberry dragonfruit, and watermelon green apple. Koi also has an unflavored CBD e-liquid. You can consume Koi CBD e-liquids by vaping them or putting a few drops under your tongue. All Koi CBD e-liquids are available with 50mg, 100mg, 250mg, 500mg or 1000mg of CBD. You can get Koi CBD e-liquids from Volcano Ecigs online and brick-and-mortar shops.

CBD Drip

CBD Drip produces some of the best CBD vape e-liquid on the market today. CBD Drip makes CBD pills, beverage, and e-liquids. CBD Drip’s e-liquids are infused with high-quality, full-spectrum CBD oil which is derived from EU certified hemp plants. CBD Drip is Clean Green certified, and the company’s CBD e-liquids undergo testing by a third party. The company has three e-liquids on the market with different levels of CBD. CBD Drip’s Gold, Platinum, and Onyx e-juice have CBD levels of 14.5mg, 58mg, and 140mg respectively. The company also has an RIX CBD e-liquid line with 500mg, 750mg, and 1500mg of CBD. If you are in Hawaii, you can get CBD Drip e-liquids from as well as Volcano Ecigs stores across Honolulu.


CBD FX is a widely recognized name in the vaping market. The company makes both MBD wax and e-liquids. CBD FX uses superior grade cannabidiol in its products, which is extracted using CO2. The company’s products are tested by a third party to ensure their quality. CBD FX’s e-liquids are available with 60mg or 120 mg of CBD. What makes CBD FX’s products stand out from other CBD e-liquid manufacturers is that you can easily mix this company’s CBD e-liquids with other flavors. They are known to go well with dessert flavors. You can buy CBD FX e-liquids from all Volcano Ecigs’ stores in Hawaii as well as the company’s online store.

The Neighborhood

The Neighborhood is an e-juice maker based in California. Although this company has been around for less than a year, it is already making waves in the market. The Neighborhood makes both normal nicotine-infused vape juice as well as CBD e-liquids. Currently, the company has only one CBD vape juice to its name, Quartz CBD. Quartz CBD is a mouth-watering blend of ripe strawberries, fresh green apple, and peaches. The e-liquid contains 150mg of CBD. You can vape The Neighborhood’s Quartz CBD on its own or mix it with other e-liquids. Quartz is made with food grade as well as organic hemp plants. You can get The Neighborhood’s Quartz from the Volcano Ecigs online store as well as the company’s physical stores dotted across Honolulu.

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