Pancake Man E-Liquid by Vape Breakfast Classics Review

Imagine a warm and fluffy pancake covered with butter, syrup, and strawberries. When you take a bite into it, the texture of the pancake and the sweet and somewhat tangy taste of strawberries fill your palates. This is a delight that you can indulge in for breakfast or any time in the day.

The experts at Vape Breakfast Classics have captured that exact pancake flavor in an e-liquid called Pancake Man.  Vape Breakfast Classics specializes in creating breakfast e-liquids. The company has currently two different pancake flavor profiles on the market; the Original Pancake Man and the Deluxe Pancake Man. Both are among the best pancake e-liquids you’ll find on the market.

Pancake Man is the original version. It has an authentic pancake flavor. If you love pancakes, this one will blow you away.  Vaping this e-juice feels just like you are eating a pancake.

You may have tried other pancake flavors, but Pancake Man by Vape Breakfast Classics is very different. This e-juice has an attractive packaging design. It comes in a 120-ml chubby gorilla unicorn bottle. There is a label on the bottle with all the usual information. This big bottle size allows you to enjoy many fantastic vaping sessions before you need a replacement.

Vape Breakfast Classics’ Pancake Man e-juice comes with two 30-ml empty bottles that you can fill up with the e-juice for use when you are on-the-go. The package also includes a pancake man pin, a pancake man key chain, and a pancake man sticker.

Pancake Man will send your taste buds to overdrive. It tastes just like a real pancake. It has a deep butter flavor on the side. The maple syrup wraps up the taste of the pancake perfectly and then there is a hint of strawberries. All the flavors blend very well together.

I enjoy vaping this e-liquid with a tank instead of an RDA, but that’s my preference. You may prefer to vape it on a dripper instead. Pancake Man has a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) of 80/20. I did not find the need to steep this e-juice. The flavor is just perfect. The cloud production is fantastic. It’s exactly what you expect from a MAX VG blend.

The Vape Breakfast Classics e-liquid is very smooth on the throat. Pancake Man is available with different nicotine strength levels. You have an option between  0 mg, 3 mg or 6 mg of nicotine. The throat hit that you get from this e-liquid is mild and does not get overpowering. There is no harshness this e-liquid at all.   

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Vape Breakfast Classics is the creation of Tasty Flavors. This company is based in San Francisco. Vape Breakfast Classics has a variety of e-juice flavors including Pancake Man, Deluxe Pancake Man, French Dude, Deluxe French Dude, Granny’s Apple Pie, Granny’s Lemon Tart, Granny’s Strawberry Pie, and Fisherman’s Wharf.

Pancake Man is a real treat. It can easily become an all day vape. The taste is sublime.

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