NKTR Pear E-Liquid by SQN Vapor Review

NKTR Pear has the distinct taste of a freshly cut ripe pear. This premium e-liquid is sweet but thankfully not overpowering. NKTR Pear is manufactured in the US by SQN Vapor. E-liquid producers, SQN Vapor, are legendary for being the first brand in the vaping industry to create high-quality e-liquids without using nicotine derived from tobacco leaf, stem and waste dust. Pear is part of SQN Vapor’s first line of premium e-liquids made with 100% Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN) ingredients. Due to the fact that nicotine gotten from TFN are both tasteless and odorless, SQN Vapor was able to make cleaner and more refined flavored e-liquids.

NKTR Pear is specially handcrafted in Los Angeles. This e-liquid has quite a sophisticated juicy and crispy taste. On the inhale, this e-liquid fills your taste buds with a fresh tarty pear flavor. The taste overpowers the tongue. But it is only when you exhale that you taste the full combination of the sweet and sour flavors skiLlfully balanced in this premium e-liquid. On the exhale a delicate mix of sweet pear with notes of tangy flavors can be tasted. NKTR Pear also has a refreshing and mouthwatering aftertaste. Vapers who enjoy vaping fruity flavors would not be disappointed with NKTR Pear by SQN Vapor. This e-juice is easily an all day vape choice.

NKTR Pear contains both vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) at a ratio of 70/30 percent. The superior VG content of this e-juice makes it ideal for use on a sub ohm tank and also with a rebuild able atomizers (RDA). And like other SQN Vapor e-liquids, NKTR Pear was particularly made to create the least possible carbon buildup on coils.

NKTR Pear is manufactured to give vapers a most pure vaping experience. This premium e-liquid produces good and tasty clouds. This e-liquid’s cloud producing prowess is alright for a high VG e-liquid. NKTR Pear has a very smooth taste. The throat hit you get from this e-liquid is relatively subtle. Despite its mellow throat hit, NKTR Pear is not weak that it becomes unbearable to vape. Vapers who enjoy higher nicotine levels may be disappointed in this e-liquid due to its low nicotine strength. NKTR Pear comes in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg levels.

NKTR Pear comes in a very well designed box which features an image of cut pear on a black background. This e-liquid comes in different bottle sizes. However, the 60 ml bottle is the most common and available. SQN Vapor used to have a 30ml bottle of NKTR Pear. However, they seem to have stopped its production. Like other flavors in this SQN Vapor line, NKTR Pear comes with a dropper in the bottle.

SQN Vapor has earned a reputation for themselves among vapers. The overall quality of their e-liquids is almost guaranteed. It is also worth noting that SQN Vapor takes measures to ensure than their e-liquids are of a very high quality.The LA based manufacturers mix their different lines which include NKTR, NKTR Sour and NKTR Ice in an ISO 9001 facility. This process helps in bringing out the flavors of the specific e-liquid. Every SQN Vapor unique e-liquid flavor from their different themed lines is carefully made an experienced chef. This chef is also required to be a vaper with some years of experience under their sleeves.

NKTR Pear by SQN Vapor is generally an impressive e-liquid. Vapers who enjoy tropical and fruit flavored e-liquids will not regret giving this premium e-liquid a try. A 30ml NKTR Pear can be bought at vapefu.com for $19.97.

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