Naked 100 Apple Cooler Vape Juice Review

Apple by Naked 100 Menthol (formerly known as Apple Cooler) is a refreshing blend of crisp apple, sweet grapes, and juicy watermelon with a refreshing menthol chill. Wow! Who wouldn’t love the taste of watermelons with the tasty sweet grape flavor? The sweet and tangy flavors combine to provide an exhilarating vaping experience. This Naked vape juice is made with the finest ingredients.

Packaging and Presentation

Naked 100 Apple Cooler comes in a standard chubby gorilla bottle. On the bottle, you will find the brand logo and other details. The decoration is sparse, mature, and minimalist. The packaging avoids the trap of violent splashes of color or gimmick names that could be misconstrued as marketing aimed towards the underage.

VG/PG Ratios

On the bottle is also information about the VG/PG ratio, which is sometimes mysteriously missing from other lines of e-juices. Naked 100 Apple Cooler itself measures in at a 70/30, VG/PG ratio. Again, most people will appreciate the fact that the label includes information about the location where the juice was manufactured. Not compulsory though, but it is important to know, especially when customers want to know where their e-juice was manufactured.


You can grab a 60ml bottle of Naked 100 Apple Cooler Vape Juice from Westcoast Vape Supply for $9.99. Westcoast Vape Supply is a premium online store that deals in vaping products, and accessories.

Over the past few years, many new players have emerged in the market. Therefore, the competition is stiff. However, with Naked 100 you can choose from a different range of e-liquid flavors at affordable prices.