Milk By The Pound E Liquid Review

Milk By The Pound e-juice claims to be the number 1 pound cake e-liquid on the market. But let us see below if this really does deserve the top spot.

According to its website, the Milk By The Pound blend is the first flavor of the line-up. “Simple but decadent, this sweet and buttery pound cake is submerged in an ice cold glass of fresh milk. It’s a cream vape experience that will leave your mouth watering.” That sure is a good description to drool on. But let us go straight to business.

First off, let us talk about the flavor. Well, the creaminess of this milk is absolutely incredible! If you are a fresh milk lover, then this one’s definitely for you. To give you a more vivid imagination, the original Milk By The Pound e-juice tastes like as if you washed down a mouthful of pound cake with a tall glass of fresh milk. (YUMMM!) I love pound cakes; I even cook it on holidays. Its sweetness is well-balanced with the rest of the flavor, making it an ideal all-day vapor for me. But other than the tastes of sweet pound cake and milk, I love the hint of cinnamon as well. I never thought I’d come to love sweet warm creamy flavors.

It may sound a bit exaggerated but each vape really feels like you are nibbling on an endless slice of that beloved decadent dessert. Its high vegetable glycerin ratio helps recreate the thick and full taste of pound cake with a veil of fragrant fog. And even after you inhale, the sweet scent still hangs around, making it difficult not to fill your tank again.

The Milk By The Pound has a vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol ratio of 70/30. It delivers a satisfying throat hit that is neither harsh nor weak, just in between. To give you an idea, vegetable glycerin actually serves as a flavor and nicotine carrier. This food additive is in fact what gives you vapor. On the other hand, the propylene glycol is the basis for throat hit; these two have a directly proportional relationship. This means that if your e-juice has a higher propylene glycol content, then a stronger throat hit is expected.

Meanwhile, you can expect a pretty full and not too shabby clouds for this ratio. They also do not disperse easily. However, I noticed some cotton and coil staining, but don’t worry, this e-juice did a pretty good job as it does not immediately wreck compared with other flavors. The taste is still spot on.

This e-juice comes in three different nicotine levels. If you want something strong, you can go for the 6 mg. Average users or starters should start with 3 mg, while those who do not want nicotine should get the 0 mg. A 60-ml bottle sells for only $24.99, which is worth the price.

As for the packaging, the e-liquid is stored in a bottle bearing a sky blue background with a word art-printed label “Milk” and “Pound” (both showcased their respective flavors). At the bottom part of the label, you will see the nicotine concentration level of the e-liquid. The left side displays important information like ingredients, VG/PG ratio, DEFEND shield, and website. The opposite side, on the other hand, contains the usual nicotine warnings as well as other icons.

If you are a dessert lover, then Milk By The Pound E-liquids is the line for you. This premium e-juice brand boasts three top-selling flavors that are handcrafted right in the United States. You can enjoy the dense rich flavor of pound cake smothered in fruity goodness and drenched in creamy, luscious milk. You can also opt for peaches, lemons and berries that will play around your taste buds on your inhale and sweet, decadent flavor of cake on the exhale. Milk By The Pound surely has mouth-watering flavors to choose from.

Overall, this e-juice definitely changed the game with its absolute accuracy and deliciousness. I tried using this on four different mods with four different atomizers set at different wattage, and this gave a sensational flavor on each. I highly recommend it on T8 Baby V8 atomizer heads in a Baby Beast tank though. This is unarguably the perfect e-juice for me. And I have to agree this flavor sure is a gateway to the By The Pound e-juice heaven!


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