Macer Menta by Cloud Alchemist Review

Flavor note  Crisp peppermint layered with a dark chocolate cookie.

PG/VG: 20/80, 50/50

Ingredients  Macer Menta 

In Latin, Macer means thin.

Mace is where the depth of spice meets the lilt of the floral.

Mena is Dutch:

Topographic name from Middle Dutch mente ‘(pepper)mint’

The Packaging

Cool! My premium e-juice order Macer Menta by Cloud Alchemist just arrived in a white box with their logo on it. Once I opened it I found that the bottles were laying on the packaging material with the labels facing me. They seem to put a lot of thought into their packaging. The bottles have custom logos on them that are artistically printed on the frosted brown type glass with cool stickers. They also have information on them such as the size, PG/VG ratio, and nicotine level.



As any of the regular readers will attest to, I do my best to keep my personal opinions apart from these reviews, taking more of a “Just the facts Ma’am” approach. But every now and then, a juice comes along that makes this difficult if not completely impossible. This is only my second chocolate based e-liquid from Cloud Alchemist, but after a stellar performance from their other chocolate mint flavors,  I was anxious to get started reviewing their Macer-Menta juice that has been generating quite a bit of chatter in various online vaping communities and forums. The name of the juice, Macer Menta, is a nod to cool peppermint, silky vanilla, and delicate cream flavor that is a very strong e-liquid a good intense flavor and is meant for heavy smokers to enjoy the sensation of real smoking.

In this juice, the peppermint was just as potent as the chocolate. So while that juice was crisp, cool, and tasty, the focus was centered on the blend of those two flavors.  The focus here is squarely on the remarkably realistic chocolate fudge flavor. That added the component to the profile serves to enhance the richness and full-bodied flavor of the chocolate.

The result is a unique creamy, thick, nutty chocolate flavor that persists from the front end of the vape straight through to a long, sweet finish that is oddly reminiscent of fudge covered doughnut, which is, of course, insanely delicious.


It’s fairly resilient to heat, handling a decent amount of wattage before degradation. I preferred it just a touch over 9 watts or 4.8v on a 2.5Ω atomizer which kept the sweet dark chocolate cookie flavor intact and produced a stronger than anticipated throat hit with a decent cloud of vapor. While a little extra heat didn’t cause any significant flavor degradation, I preferred to keep this juice at an even 10 watts, (5v on a 2.5Ω atomizer) which produced the rich fudge-like chocolate goodness.  I settled in just a hair under 8.5 watts or 4.6v on a 2.5Ω atomizer which yielded sweet chocolate doughnut-like flavor.


Cloud Alchemist has added the extensive flavor profile of those very delectable, nostalgic cookies in their Macer Menta. With its unique cookie crunchiness, everything is just super perfect down to the very tiniest of the details in their signature E-Liquid. Cloud Alchemist”s Macer Menta is a masterpiece.

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