How to get the best out of e-juice

One of the ways to get the most out of Vape Juice flavors is to smell the vapor. The human tongue can sense spicy, salty, bitter, sour tastes. Everything but that is aroma since, unlike food, e-juice does not have any visual or chewing texture. Yet different people have different tastes. Others want a delicate taste, and others want a stronger taste. Many US e-liquid manufacturers offer an option for extra flavor while others do not. To get the best out of your e-juice its important to:

Adjust your wattage

Believe it or not, wattage makes a big flavor difference. Its important to check what wattage range is recommended for your coil and try not to exceed that. My advice is to always start at a lower wattage and work your way up until you find the power setting that provides the most flavor. I recently bought an e-juice that I had yet to try and I found the best setting to be 35W after experimenting. However, when I started using another brand, I liked it at about 40-50W. It depends on the water. At different wattage, other flavors shine.

Clean your device

E-juices cause a buildup in your tank, so cleaning well is a good idea now and then. All should remain new smelling. Another good rule of thumb is to change your coils every few weeks, or if your flavors start to taste harsh, burnt, or distorted (I know they’re marked different, but they can all be revived by a fresh coil). If your factory-made atomizer coil is gunky, you can screw it off your tank and run it under hot water, hopefully somewhat de-gunning the wicking and probably buying you a few more days. Though, they do take time to dry, make sure to use a backup coil if you want to use your vape before your coil is finished. Some vapers have recorded success in soaking throwaway coils overnight in cheap vodka, but be mindful that this method involves several days of drying or the resulting alcohol vapor could be even worse than the dry hit you may be trying to stop.

Allow your e-juice to steep.

Steeping is one of those things you may be cynical about but it works with a lot of juices in my experience. On certain juices, you will find that the color will darken after a few days, and sometimes it seems to marry flavors together to make a better-tasting drink. It possibly has to do with oxidizing the nicotine, but I don’t know why this phenomenon occurs. If your juice tastes weird right off the bat, give it some time to adjust, there are chances it will. Many e juices are already pre-steeped nowadays, but if it doesn’t taste as you like then you might want to steep it.

These tips will help you enjoy more of your e-juices flavor, but there’s a lot more to chase flavor than this. There are plenty of different methods to try out, lively discussions on the merits of various coil systems, and a great aid in coping with personal choice should do. To get the best out of your DIY e-juice try Flavorah. Flavorah ensures that you are able to try out distinctive blends to find out which PG/VG gives you the most satisfaction.