Herbal Fracture CBD Tincture for Anxiety: A Review

Overcoming social stigma is one of the challenges people needing help for their anxiety are facing. Social stigma is when people project a negative view of other people who share a certain problem.

In the US alone, nearly 7 million people suffer from generalized anxiety disorder. Yet only one of six Americans takes prescribed psychiatric medications to address their mental health issue.

I was never diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. However, my highly stressful job is making me at risk for it. I have noticed that I have become more short-tempered and tense than before. Thankfully, I did not reach the point where a pharmacologic intervention is required.

Being aware of this, I strived to find the most natural alternative to manage my anxiety. This is when I learned about cannabidiol (CBD) oil. I discovered that anxiety and CBD work together. CBD is capable of relaxing the body, and there were plenty of good reviews about it.

I decided to take CBD so my symptoms won’t aggregate to something more serious. US President Donald Trump signed the farm bill into law, eliminating CBD from the list of controlled medications last year. This means I am confident that what I am taking is legal here. It is also readily available online.

Before anything else, I know there are many people who confuse CBD from THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. For the record, THC is the psychoactive component in marijuana. This is what makes people high or gets them stoned. So just to be clear, they may be cousins, but they are not the same.

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound. It is known to treat all kinds of diseases including arthritis, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and sleep problems. I admit that there are only anecdotal pieces of evidence that support CBD’s effect on all these diseases, even anxiety. But by far, studies on animals have all produced positive results.

Choosing the brand was a bit daunting on my part. I never thought the industry was this big. Searching for the right brand took another chunk of my time. I thought it was a wasted investment, but I learned that brand matters after all. I found that taking substandard CBD is next to ingesting nothing.

Eventually, my brand of choice was called Herbal Fracture. As a beginner in the CBD world, I started with a tincture as this is one of the oldest and most popular forms. It comes in different concentration levels at 600mg and 1200mg. I even saw a 5000mg full spectrum CO2 formula 2501 tincture on its website.

I began noticing changes in my body after a week of taking CBD oil. My routine includes taking six drops of CBD oil sublingually (underneath the tongue) and then holding it for at least 90 seconds before swallowing it.

I noticed that I was feeling lighter, meaning I was less tense and anxious. I was also calmer when dealing with problems at work. Before, I would easily flare-up when something goes wrong. But after CBD, these issues were surprisingly easier to take in stride. Trust me, I was amazed by the improvement myself. Sometimes, I even wonder if this was really me.

The CBD tincture not only helped me with my anxiety but also with putting me to sleep at night. My minimum cup of coffee per day is three. I did not quit my addiction to caffeine, but I was still able to get a sound sleep at night. Where else can I attribute this huge improvement? To CBD, of course.

Since this is CBD “oil,” the taste is not really that great. But Herbal Fracture’s full spectrum CO2 tincture is also available in coffee and spearmint flavors. It is a good upgrade, I swear.

If you do a bag raid, you can always find CBD tinctures inside. It is really helpful in times of anxiety, insomnia, and even occasional migraine. By far, I have not experienced any untoward reactions from taking CBD. I do hope though that more scientific and human-based research about CBD will be conducted and made available.

You can grab your own CBD tincture from Herbal Fracture. A 2 fluid oz. of full spectrum CO2 tincture with 1200mg of CBD costs $69.99 for a natural flavor and $74.99 for spearmint or coffee flavors. Visit herbalfracture.com to purchase.

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