Forge Vapor Crucible Cream Eliquid Review

Strawberry and cream combo is one of the most common mix flavors in vape juices today. But do you know that although we see strawberry flavors everywhere, it is one of the most difficult flavors to actually capture in a vape juice? That’s right, while it is one of the oldest in the vaping history, not many can really master its craft and that is why I am meticulous when it comes to this blend.

I have tried several strawberry flavors in different varieties such as strawberry milkshake, strawberry taffy, strawberry shortcake, etc. But one of the few that captivated my taste buds is Forge Vapor’s Crucible Cream. I know… “What’s with the name?”

Honestly, at first, the flavor name got me scratching my head and wondering why. But after vaping, I think I finally have the answer to my question. This Crucible Cream eliquid works like magic with heat. Instead of giving a distorted taste when exposed to too much or too little heat, this vape liquid comes out even more delicious that it has ever been.

“Accept no substitutes, Crucible Cream will take all the heat you throw at it, and return it with one of the most delicious flavors you’ll ever vape. It’s a light flavor at any temperature that perfectly balances that puffy creaminess with the tartness of strawberries for a magical vaping experience that can’t be missed.”

Another profile description says that Crucible Cream is “A warm and sweet marriage of strawberries and cream that give you more strawberry at lower temps, and heavier, thicker cream flavor at higher temps.”

Indeed, this flavor knows how to play with heat. No matter what temperature setting you set for this blend, both the strawberry and cream flavors will still come out. For fruit and strawberry lovers, lowering the temp will give you more of that flavor. While for dessert enthusiasts, setting the temp higher will surely satisfy your sweet tooth from that thick and heavy cream.

Crucible Cream is definitely a sweet vape, and that strawberry and cream taste really lingers on your mouth both on the inhale and exhale. What I love is the fact that its sweetness is not overly nor overpowering. Unlike others, it does not irritate your throat. I was also impressed of the natural and fresh tasting strawberry flavor. It actually tastes like a real fruit, and I can’t help myself but be amazed.

This flavour vapour has a vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol ratio of 80/20. One may think that the high vegetable glycerin content may feel too harsh on the throat, but believe me, this baby gives a smooth and creamy sensation. The throat hit is also mild, just enough to know that it is there. Talking about the clouds, they are solid ones that cloud chasers will truly enjoy. Enjoy the fresh strawberry aroma with hints of rich cream in your room when you vape this. Of note, this baby is suitable on either a dripper or a tank.

Forge Vapor has made three nicotine levels for this juice. It is available in 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg of nicotine. For total newbies who just want to get the feel of smoking, go for the 0 mg. This is also used by those who are mastering their vaping skills. The 3 mg is the “middle of the road” for this flavor and is usually the choice for most vapers. It gives a mild throat hit, just enough to let you know what nicotine feels like. Lastly, although the 6 mg version is the highest for this vape liquid, it still delivers an absolutely spot on flavor. However, it is important to know that the abovementioned guidelines are not a concrete, must-follow rule. Choosing the perfect nicotine level is still a personal preference.

Want to give Crucible Cream eliquid a try? This flavor comes in two sizes: a sampler 18ml size and a hefty 132 ml size. It costs $4 and $20, respectively. But in case you want to explore more of Forge Vapor’s Small Prices collection, save up to $5 and buy the FORGE Super Sampler set for as low as $20 only. This contains five of Forge’s best-selling flavors, namely, Georgia Striker, Melon Quench, Blueberry Boss, Smith’s Apple, and Crucible Cream.

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