Dragon’s Tear E-Juice By ECBlend E-Liquids Review

Dragon’s Tear is a rich and creamy e-juice produced by ECBlend E-Liquids. This premium e-juice is part of ECBlend’s popular Dragon Series. Dragon Tear has the primary flavors of freshly picked strawberries, delicately blended in sweet velvet cream.  Dragon’s Tear has a memorable taste which can be traced back to its unique ingredients, particularly, the mix of the different flavors. These flavors blend nicely to create gratifying vaping experience. You would enjoy Dragon’s Tear if fruit flavored ejuice blends are your thing.

Dragon’s Tear accurately captures the taste of ripe strawberries mixed with sweet cream. ECBlend E-Liquids have made options for additional flavor shots. Dragon’s Tear tastes good without any other flavors being added. However, vapers who enjoy strong flavors will be pleased with the fact that ECBlend E-Liquids have an option of adding extra sweeteners, banana, coconut and strawberry flavors. Dragon’s Tear is made especially for vapers who enjoy sweet and creamy strawberry e-liquids.

Dragon’s Tear is produced with both vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). However, like other ECBlend E-Liquids e-juice flavors, the ratios of the Dragon’s Tear VG and PG ratios depends on the choice of the vaper.You can choose to have the base mix of your Dragon’s Tear e-juice be 80 percent VG. You can even choose to have a 100 percent VG ratio. Despite this option, most vapers choose to have their e-juice with higher VG levels. The popular choice of higher VG levels is not surprising. Higher VG and reduced PG levels are associated with thicker e-liquids. Thicker e-liquids are ideal for dripping on a rebuildable dripper atomizer (RDA). Thick e-liquids would also work well with a sub ohm tank.

Dragon’s Tear cloud production is based on the VG and PG ratio. Vapers who enjoy massive clouds would be pleased with this e-juice because they can decide how thick they want their clouds. An e-juice with a VG ratio of 80 percent would create clouds that are not only huge but linger in the air.

The throat hit of Dragon’s Tear like its ability to produce massive clouds is based on the VG and PG mix. Nobody enjoys vaping e-liquids that have harsh throat hits that leave the throat feeling sore. As a rule, higher VG ratios are associated with smoother throat hits. With Dragon’s Tear, the chances of getting harsh throat hits are heavily dependent on the VG ratio you decide. Dragon’s Tear like other ECBlend E-Liquid e-juice flavors comes in a wide range of nicotine strength levels. This nicotine strength levels are 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg, 24mg and 36mg.

Dragon’s Tear is sold in both plastic and glass bottles. These bottles which all other ECBlend E-Liquid e-juice flavors are sold in also comes with child-resistant caps. These sizes include 5ml, 10ml, 15ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml, 60ml, 125ml and 250ml.

All sizes of Dragon’s Tear can be bought at ecblendflavors.com. On this site, all other ECBlend E-Liquid e-juice flavors can also be bought.

It is important to note that Dragon Tear’s is made fresh. As such when your bottle of this e-juice is delivered it is important that you let it steep for a while before vaping it. Steeping this e-juice would make the different ingredients in this e-juice blend more cohesively. The steeping period can be from days to weeks.


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