Atomic Energy E-liquid by Atomic Dog Vapor Review

Atomic Energy has the flavor of a refreshing fruit punch. This Atomic Dog Vapor vape juice has a natural taste that will make you fall in love with it. Atomic Energy is an all-day vape. The taste of this e-juice stays consistent on the inhale and exhale. Atomic Energy is not one of those e-liquids that you will quickly get tired of vaping. You can buy this vape juice as a gift for your friends and family.

Atomic Energy by Atomic Dog Vapor contains Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol at a ratio of 70/30. This vape juice can be vaped with a sub-ohm tank or a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA). Atomic Energy vapes smoothly. Also, it will not stain the coils. This e-liquid is ideal for both flavor chasers and cloud chasers. This is just the kind of e-juice to get when you want to perform cloud tricks.

Atomic Energy by Atomic Dog Vapor comes with different nicotine concentration levels. You can get this vape juice with 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg or 24mg of nicotine. Atomic Energy has a light throat hit that makes vaping it very enjoyable.

Atomic Energy by Atomic Dog Vapor comes in different bottle sizes; 10ml, 30ml or 124ml. You can buy a 30ml bottle of this fruity vape juice for $8.99 directly from the Atomic Dog Vapor online shop.

Atomic Energy is part of the Atomic Dog Vapor collection. This company is based in Erie, PA. Atomic Dog Vapor produces some of the best e-juice flavors on the market using high-quality ingredients. This company has an extensive collection of e-liquid flavors that include fruity, pastry, creamy, dessert, and more. In total, Atomic Dog Vapor has about 40 different e-liquid flavors in its collection. Some of my favorites are Nice Melon, Pina Colada, Paw-berry Lemonade, Root Beer Float, Watt R. Melon, Black ‘n’ Honey Tobac, Funnel Cake.

When you buy your bottle of Atomic Energy from Atomic Dog Vapor, you do not have to worry about your order not arriving on time. Atomic Dog Vapor provides excellent customer service and fast delivery of orders. This company offers free shipping in the U.S. for all orders worth over $75. Atomic Dog Vapor ships via USPS.