American Dream E-Liquid by Humble Juice Review

American Dream by Humble Juice is one of the best fruity rice krispie treat e-liquids you’ll ever find. Vaping this e-juice will remind you of enjoying cereals during your childhood. This is the perfect rice crispy treat e-juice. The flavor is spot-on. The marshmallow and fruity pebble flavor stand out.

American Dream is a sweet vape. The marshmallow acts like the milk in the cereal and makes the vape smooth, milky, and creamy. The fruity pebble and rice krispie treat flavor is very enjoyable. You can distinguish some of the fruit flavors in this e-juice such as orange, blueberry, raspberry, tangerine, and others.

American Dream is the perfect vaping juice  to start the day with, especially if you’ve missed breakfast. The e-juice has a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 80/20. This e-juice will not mess up your coils despite its sweet taste. The vapor production of this vape liquid is awesome. American Dream is the kind of e-juice to grab when you want to perform cloud tricks.

American Dream will give you a very smooth throat hit. This Humble Juice e-liquids comes with different nicotine concentration levels. You can opt for either 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine. The throat hit is mild and not overpowering.

Humble Juice is the brand to patronize if you are a vaper on a budget. The company makes high-quality vape juices which are sold at very affordable prices.

American Dream comes in a chubby gorilla unicorn bottle. The Humble Juice logo is printed on the bottle along with other information about the product. A 120ml bottle of American Dream is selling for just $24.99 at the Humble Juice online store. This company has one of the best BOGO deals  With this offer, you can get two 120ml bottles of this e-juice for the price of one. That’s 240ml of e-juice for only $24.99. The BOGO Deal is a fantastic opportunity to stock up on e-juice.

Instead of taking two bottles of the same e-liquid flavor, you can pair of two different e-juice flavors from Humble Juice provided they have the same bottle capacity. Humble Juice has a wide range of e-juice flavors on the market in different lines.

Humble Juices has seven different e-juice lines; the original Humble Juice line, the Humble Ice line, the Humble X Flawless line, the SVLT Vapor line, the Havana Juice line, the Havoc Juice line, and the Hustle Juice line.

American Dream is in the original Humble Juice line along with nine other fantastic e-juice flavors.  You will enjoy vaping American Dream if you have a thing for rice krispie treats. I highly recommend this e-juice. 

Some other e-liquids in the original Humble juice line that I recommend trying are Unicorn Treats and Donkey Kahn. These e-liquids are perfect for mixing with American Dream.

You can choose to get a bottle of American Dream and either Unicorn Treats or Donkey Kahn with the Humble Juice BOGO deal.

Humble Juice is based in Chatsworth, California. The company creates high-quality vape liquids which are on offer at very affordable prices. This company uses only the finest ingredient sourced from US-based suppliers to make its e-liquids. What’s more, Humble Juice e-liquids are made in a state-of-the-art facility.

Humble Juice is one of the leading brands in the industry leaders in the United States and known by vapers worldwide. You will get free shipping from Humble Juice if you spend up to $19.99 at its online store.

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