Achemical Thoughts

Its impossible to conceive the great impact that marijuana has had on this great society of ours, from the beginning of time to its prohibition it has really made a large scale of drug dealers and recreational users that attribute their successes to this wonderful herb. This method of consumption and aggravation has led to determined public at large that seeks to undermine the authorities of the governments that would take this powerful substance out of the publics hands and put it into the private sector and keep it regulated and out of the hands of the people who need it the most. We the people have the power and we should be at the discretion of the hand of history in the teller of our future children who are yet unborn who seek to experiment with their consciousness and explore these alternate realms to really find out what creativity is and where the subconscious mind exists then connects to interconnectivity. We are all interconnected and weaved together in a matrix of reality that we failed to see because we exist in a world where it appears we are separate beings when we are really truly one and we are paraded as a whole. Once we are able to throw off these chains and really connect with one another we will be more likely to appear real to one another as instead of these mirages that appear and disappear on our screens like a dream and its like a scene from a movie. We are all actors playing on the stage of life acting out our parts in expressing what we internalize on a daily basis and we seek to be understood by one another but we continue to project a these outer images which dont accurately reflect what we feel on the inside therefore we end up missed communicating what exactly we feel and it ends up in the negative ball of energy which corrupts the very fabric of our existence then leaves us in a state of confusion and negative isolation.


If we were only able to communicate in a way that allowed us to see the true impact of what we were doing here on this planet than we would be able to understand each other and really move forward in the social progression that would allow the orchestra of thoughts that everyone thinks on a daily basis to be brought out in the open and analyzed and criticized in critical ways that the masses can see and understand and truly believe in it would be such a relief. Many people seek to express this truth thought on a daily basis but they fail to express it in the true manner because it gets corrupted and thrown in the fog and people are left out in the cold and cant really feel exactly what it is that we are saying because we arent really saying anything at all its just words its meaningless words that just trample the true feeling thats underneath in his left tone deaf about in the cold and dead mind as well not even have ahead your misled. Contradictory to popular belief there is a small my new share of people in this country that are moving towards real meaning and how to express it in communicate effectively it in a timely manner that allows accurate communications of digital information with electronic stimulation that allows psychological manifestations of enhanced active situations that allow us to really get down and dig deep into this crown and dirty underwear laundry is released and people feel better about the overall situation deckhand. So pick up your intellectual swords and join the fight because its a war and its on the psychological warfare was warm for forlorn and torn into the psychological unborn manifestations sworn into the corner am torn back-and-forth between these thoughts positive mental negative devil achieve the alchemical put it in a shovel and bury it in the ground dig it back up with the sound turned it around get no relief when youre underground. Mental thoughts structures evolve and then evaporate and then accelerate into what hypodermic needles state and then stagnate into a pond Golden Om a hold of on we swore to one by Krishna with his son once you achieve the alchemical spawn then the fight is on like King Kong and donkey Kong.

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